“I think he needs space, freedom” Ștefan Bănică said it honestly, after 10 years of relationship with Lavinia Pîrva

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Ștefan Bănică Jr. and Lavinia Pârva are one of the most popular and beloved couples in local showbiz. The beautiful brunette gave the artist her third child, and their relationship seems to be only milk and honey. The couple found the ingredients for a successful marriage and in the last interview they shared with everyone.

It seems that the basis of a successful marriage is not just communication, but you have to give it freedom, space and respect the privacy of the person next to you. At least that’s what Ștefan Bănică Jr. and Lavinia Pârva do, and their relationship works perfectly. The artist also explained that he is the kind of man who, when he has little free time, devotes it to his wife and children.

“I’m a normal person at home, because we all think we’re in this situation. I’m a father who tries – and hopes to succeed – to be a catalyst for his three children, raising them in a spirit of of family, love and mutual respect. I am the type of man who likes to spend time with his wife, his family, and at the same time, as Lavinia said at the beginning of the interview, each of us thinks needing space, freedom, privacy. At home, it’s synonymous with privacy. Maybe from here, when my privacy is under attack, I feel like to be intangible”, Ștefan Bănică explained for Viva.ro.

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Ștefan Bănică, a calculating father: “I explained to the children that money does not grow on trees”

The artist has three children from three different relationships: Radu Ștefan, who is the fruit of Ștefan Bănică’s love with Camelia Constantinescu, and who is also the eldest of his brothers, Violeta, the artist’s daughter with Andreea Marin, and the youngest, Alexandru, from the current marriage to Lavinia Pârva. The entertainer boasts that he didn’t teach his two eldest sons about money from an early age, but explained he shouldn’t take them.

everything is ready, but it must work for everything.

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“I explained to my children, since they were small, that money does not grow on trees and that all they have, materially, is due to the work of their parents. And then, as long as ‘we stay together until they grow up, this job should be respected. That we don’t deserve anything on our own. I don’t like children with cash, who appear on social networks with all kinds of cars, watches, designer clothes acquired from their parents and which, in fact, are not theirs, but those of their parents. And then it is clear that, not being worked by them, they do not have no way of appreciating them at their fair value. But there are also kids who manage to do this for their money, for their work, which is something else entirely.

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But they are far fewer in number and should be role models for children. And while it doesn’t seem like a thing to brag about what you’ve got, at least they’re right. And from there, Radu Ştefan and Violeta can draw their own conclusions. And I think they understood. Radu Ştefan’s business is his choice, I believe in his entrepreneurial skills and hope he will be successful”, the artist also stated for the aforementioned source.