“I wear a ring on my finger, whatever”

Ana Baniciu recently accepted the challenge to participate in the hot sauce game on Cătălin Măruță’s show. The artist surprised everyone with his revelations. Specifically, when asked which men in showbiz had made advances to her, over time, she thoughtlessly came up with three names.

Ana Baniciu is one of Romania’s most beloved stars, both for her professional performances and for her enviable physique.

The blonde caught the eye of many well-known men from Romania several years ago.


Prompted by Cătălin Măruță to name three of those who made advances to her, the star confessed that radio host Niculae, Dorian Popa and Smiley had written to her some time ago: “Some of them are still married. I’m thinking who to tell… If I have the phone, maybe we can see. Maybe it seemed to me.

You don’t want to set the world on fire? There is a lot of! I will say three names, who are also friends of mine. One would be Niculae on the radio, but she was a catechist. I can also say Dorian Popa, because now he’s also my good friend. I don’t look left and right. Third… Smiley, put it on then. I wear a ring on my finger, whatever. (…) I don’t understand what they did to you.

I liked people, they gave a message too. »said Ana Baniciu, during the mentioned broadcast.

Ana Baniciu, ready to take the big step

Last year, the artist Ana Baniciu was proposed to her by her partner, Edy Kovacs. The two live a beautiful love story, which the artist has also confessed in several interviews. The singer and her fiancé have big plans for the future and are currently looking for a new home to move to. For Antena Stars, Ana Baniciu opened her heart and talked about how she gets along with her partner. Today, the singer celebrates her 29th birthday.

“We are trying to find something in Bucharest. We have to find something bigger. We don’t really want a house, we want a bigger apartment. On this special day, I realize that I am very loved and lucky . I also received flowers and messages. Last night I even received a cake from my friends and neighbors. The only problem was that the lighter didn’t work and they couldn’t light the candles. ( …) Edy has prepared many gifts. Gifts no longer matter, the important thing is that we understand each other and that we are happy”confessed Ana Baniciu to Antena Stars.

Image source: Instagram