“If he had married Elena Ceausescu”

Gică Hagi gave himself the moment of the week when, after the victory against FC Argeș, score 2-0, in the round of 16 of the Ligue 1 play-offs, he left the press conference.

Immediately after the post-match interview, Gica Hagi went to the press conferencethere were no journalists there, and that deeply annoyed the “King”.

Radu Banciu, a well-known television director, compared Farul’s technician to Elena Ceaușescu.

Radu Banciu: “If Hagi had married Elena Ceausescu, they would have made an extraordinary couple”

Gica Hagi was very nervous after first playoff victory, against those of FC Argeș. The “king” went to the post-match press conference and remained “masked” when the journalists were not in the makeshift tent: “What is it? Are we doing the catering?” were Hagi’s words before leaving the premises.

Radu Banciu mocked the lighthouse technician, whom he said had a communist mentality, and a marriage to Elena Ceaușescu would have been extraordinary.

“It just came to our knowledge at that time. It arrived at the place in question, it had been called, but it was not burning. These images make me think of years of sad memories. Think- Do you think Uncle Nicu and Coana Leana wouldn’t have got up from those chairs at the trial? But it was impossible. Do you think that in Târgovişte there wouldn’t have been acid for them too?

Hagi has the speech and intellect that Elena Ceausescu had. He is exactly at this level, only history has sent them to different camps. He made one popular and the other less so. If Hagi had married Elena they would have been a great couple, they are both on the same level. That kind of attitude is like Coana Leana,” Radu Banciu told LookSport.