Is Ștefan Bănică divorcing Lavinia Pârva? The star Antena 1 said it clearly. “We need space, freedom! – Today’s event

Ștefan Bănică Jr. and Lavinia Pârva are one of the most beloved couples in showbiz. However, it has often been said that the two have gone their separate ways. The artist was involved in another scandal after being caught with Răzvan Fodor’s wife, Irina.

The soloist explained what a happy marriage means to him and how to keep the flame of love burning. He clarified that attention plays an important role and that family comes first.

“I’m a normal person at home, because we all think we’re in this situation.

I am a father who tries – and I hope to succeed – to be a catalyst for his three children, raising them in a spirit of family, love and mutual respect. I’m the kind of man who likes to spend time with his wife, his family, and at the same time, as Lavinia said at the beginning of the interview, each of us thinks we need space, freedom, privacy.

For me, it is synonymous with intimacy. Maybe from here, when my private life is attacked, I give the feeling of being intangible”, explained Ștefan Bănică for

Răzvan Fodor broke

Everyone knows that Ștefan Bănică Jr and Irina Fodor have enviable marriages, but some images surprised fans. The two were photographed outside the singer’s house. They entered the house through the garage, and Internet users concluded that it was an extramarital affair.

“I’ve known my wife for 14 years, she came into the limelight easily and you wrote nice things about her, and thank you for that. (…) Now, with a simple article and a single title, you understand. It’s unfair to her, it’s unfair to my daughter. My daughter is a very polite girl. I don’t know how I’m going to explain it to him when he reads this article in the near future.

How to explain what it is about? I didn’t make this video to change anything, because you don’t have to change anything, even if you can. Whoever took the photos must have the original photos, and if you zoom in there’s sure to be a few more people in front of Stefan’s house. That’s why I called you to tell you that what you did was unfair. If not, let’s all be healthy,” he added.