Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘mother’ on the show died two weeks after George Constanza’s

Liz Sheridan, mother of Jerry in the series “Seinfeld”, died Friday at the age of 93. The mother of Jerry’s friend, George Constanza, died at the same age two weeks ago.

Actress Liz Sheridan died Friday morning in New York, after celebrating her 93rd birthday this week, April 10, according to CNN. She left behind a daughter and her son-in-law.

Liz Sheridan made her Broadway debut in 1971 and has appeared in dozens of movies and TV productions, including “Who’s That Girl” (1987), “Play the Game” (2009) and “ALF” (1986). However, after decades of career, she remained known for her role as Jerry Seinfeld’s mother for nine seasons.

“I am so lucky to have met her”

The news of the death upset her “son” in the film, who sent an emotional message on Twitter.

“Liz has always been the sweetest, cutest mom on TV a son could ever want. Every time he came on the show set, I felt the most comfortable. I’m so lucky to have met her,” Jerry Seifeld wrote on Twitter.

His “counterpart”, George Constanza’s mother, actress Estelle Harris, died on March 2 of natural causes.

Liza Sheridan was also the author, writing the autobiographical book “Dizzy and Jimmy” about her relationship with Jemes Dean, before he became the big Hollywood star.