Johnny Depp’s Marriage To Amber Heard Ends In ‘Mutual Abuse’, Their Therapist Reveals

A video of Dr. Laurel Anderson was shown to jurors on day three of the libel trial in Virginia.

Depp sued his ex-wife over an article portraying her as a victim of domestic violence. He denied any abuse. Depp is seeking $50 million in damages from his ex-wife for damaging his image.

Instead, Heard is asking for $100 million in compensation.

In testimony to jurors in February, Anderson said he met the famous couple during several therapy sessions between October and December 2015. Heard filed for divorce in May 2016, after just 15 months of marriage.

The psychotherapist described a volatile dynamic between Depp and Heard, who both threatened to walk out of meetings amid feuds.

At meetings where Depp was not present, Anderson said, Amber Heard spoke of physical assault by her husband. Heard once came to her office with a few small bruises on her face.

“On several occasions, Ms. Heard initiated violent interactions in an effort to prevent Mr. Depp from leaving,” Ms. Anderson said.

“It was a source of pride for her, if she felt disrespected, to start a fight,” Anderson told jurors. “If he wanted to leave to ease the tension, she would hit him to keep him present, as she would rather argue with blows than leave.”

Anderson also said Depp was often interrupted by Heard during therapy sessions.

“Ms. Heard had a violent speaking style,” the clinical psychologist said.

Anderson said Heard and Depp had a history of violence in their families. Heard was beaten by her father, she said, and Depp by her mother.

Depp “controlled well” for decades before meeting Heard, Ms Anderson said, and did not commit violence with former partners. “It just came to our knowledge at the time. They got involved in what I saw as mutual abuse.”

At stake in the lawsuit is Amber Heard’s 2018 opinion piece in The Washington Post, which describes her as a “public figure representing domestic violence.” Depp says the article – in which his name is not mentioned – is defamatory and has affected his career.

Heard’s attorneys described Depp as a physically and sexually abusive partner prone to drug and alcohol abuse.

Depp’s team framed their overheard allegations of domestic violence as a “scam” and a calculated strategy to destroy his reputation.

The process could take at least six weeks. It is broadcast live and features well-known witnesses such as James Franco, Paul Bettany and Elon Musk.