Live Video and Text | Rapid-Gaz Metan Mediaş, Live Video, 8:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1. This could be the last live game in history

18.04.2022, 20:30

  • League 2: In ClujConcordia ChiajnaMonday, 5:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1

  • League 1: FastGas Metan MediașMonday, 8:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1

Things Rapid-Gaz Metan Mediaş complete the fifth stage of League 1of play-off and play-out.

Theoretically, the people of Giuleşti shouldn’t have a problem against a team full of youngsters, on the verge of dismantling, but if Rapid didn’t accustom us to completely unexpected moments, then nobody accustomed us!

Unfortunately for Romanian football, the match between the two teams could be the last played before them. Mediaş officials are ready to bankrupt the club, and a future comeback, at least for now, has almost no chance.

The team no longer has the necessary financial support, and after the regular season, the Medieş team wanted to withdraw from the championship. With the backing of the other first division clubs, the Professional Football League financially supports the team in order to complete the season and thus avoid reaching sporting difficulties in establishing the hierarchy.

The first match between Rapid and Gaz Metan took place in 1947, when the then CFR Bucharest defeated the team called CSM Mediaş with 6-1.

If Mediaş has minus 17 points in the standings, a situation in which it has fallen behind occasional avalanchei, Rapid has 32 points and hopes for one of the first two play-out places to even dream of a presence in the Conference League.

Rapid-Gas Methane or “five wins” versus “five losses”. Live video on Digi Sport 1, Digi Sport app and

Rapid will lose their team talisman at the end of this season. Along with Gaz Metan, Giuleşti’s players have the best record in Ligue 1, 12 wins, six draws and two losses.

At home, Rapid have won 8 out of 10 games, drawn once and lost only once. She was beaten in the round of this championship, when Poenaru had taken over Teja’s team, but was in the stands of the National Arena, score 1-2.

Under coach Adrian Mutu, Giuleşti’s side have won five matches in a row so far, matches in which they scored 10 times and received just one goal, from Dinamo.

Play-out ranking

  1. seven 33 points
  2. Quick 32
  3. FC Botosani 32
  4. In Craiova 1948 28
  5. UTA Arad 26
  6. CS Mioveni 25
  7. Chindia Targoviste 22
  8. Dynamo 13
  9. Academic Cclineni 1
  10. Gaz Metan Mediaș -17

Rapid’s last five results

  • Fast – Academica Clinceni 1-0
  • Fast – Dinamo Bucharest 3-1
  • Academic Clinceni – Fast 0 – 1
  • Fast – Botosani 3-0
  • UTA Arad – Fast 0-2

The last five Gaz results

  • Gaz Metan Mediaş – Chindia Targoviste 0 – 4
  • Botosan- Gas Methane Mediaş 5 – 0
  • Gaz Metan Mediaş – U Craiova 1948 0 – 2
  • UTA Arad – Gaz Metan Mediaş 4 – 0
  • Gaz Metan Mediaş – CS Mioveni 1 – 2

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