Marius Croitoru, advised to go to the FCSB: “It would adapt very well”

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Gigi Becali (63), the financier of the FCSB, spoke on several occasions thanks for the technicianand the “red-blue” team would be one of the coach’s options in the future.

Marius Avram advises Marius Croitoru to go to FCSB: ‘It would fit very well’

Former FIFA referee Marius Avram (42) sees Marius Croitoru at FCSB, working with Gigi Becali, and relies on the fact that the coach already knows a lot of ‘red-blue’ players.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard this. Many players came to FCSB through Marius Croitoru. He had this gift of bringing in players whom he then sold to the FCSB. This time, I think he sold them too early.

I would not see his arrival at the FCSB as impossible. It would adapt very well to it if it accepted the well-known mode of operation. This is a step before becoming a coach at the FCSB. You can have a good CV by coaching a team that fights for the title every year“said Marius Avram, according to ProSport.

Marius Croitoru considering leaving FC Botosani

The coach pushed his idea, saying that in order to grow professionally, he needed to make the move to another team.

I don’t know, that’s how I feel now. We’ll see what happens next. It’s good to talk about me because those who do are right. Words are equal to zero.

It’s a joy, but that’s all. I haven’t accomplished anything. Like any child who wants to evolve, he must leave his mother, his father“, declared Marius Croitoru, at the end of the match won with Chindia Targoviste, score 2-1.

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