Mihai Iosif explained why he didn’t stay at the Rapid club, despite Victor Angelescu and Daniel Niculae’s insistence

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However, the technician has decided to leave, as he wants to continue his head coaching career at the senior level.

Mihai Iosif explains why he didn’t stay at Rapid, despite Victor Angelescu and Daniel Niculae’s insistence

At the same time, Mihai Iosif transmitted that there were discussions to take over another club, but nothing concrete, at least for the moment.

There are discussions, but only at the level of deepening. Victor and Nico told me to stay at the club, but I want to try somewhere else.

But I will definitely come back to Rapid if I need to. I’ll come back stronger, more licensed“, transmitted Mihai Iosif, to Digi Sport Special.

Mihai Iosif promoted Rapid to Ligue 1

Mihai Iosif returned as Rapid’s head coach at a difficult time for the Ligue 2 side when the chances of catching the play-off looked dim.

However, the coach managed a winning streak and promoted the team, starting from the second position in the play-off. Victories came one after another at the start of the Ligue 1 season, but the results deteriorated along the way and, in March, after 10 unsuccessful matches in a row, Mihai Iosif was replaced by Adrian Mutu.

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