Mihai Iosif revealed the biggest regret of his coaching career

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Mihai Iosif revealed the biggest regret of his coaching career

The manager was promoted to Rapid in Ligue 1 last season, but the crisis in the results of Giulesti players at the start of the year caused the club’s officials to give up their services. However, the departure of Giulești is not Mihai Iosif’s biggest regret, but the fact that his mother did not see him coach or promote on the first stage of Romanian football.

“I feel good with the tension at the moment, I had problems so, in those times, now I’m fine. There is life after all, there are more tragic things in this world and life goes on.

I hope to start working for another team as soon as possible. I am in talks and hope that this move will take place this summer. I want you to continue on the path of coaching. I didn’t belong to Rapid, I belonged to my mom and dad, I belonged to my family.

The biggest regret is that my mum didn’t see me training in Ligue 1 or progressing because she was a keen speedster and she was certainly proud of me. Otherwise, there are, yes, maybe I would have liked to play the playoffs with the players, but unfortunately we did not achieve this objective that we had set for ourselves in the locker room.

Maybe that was also a problem, because I looked too good at the beginning and it didn’t go well at the end. It was wrong because I hoped and the players, whom I thank, and I couldn’t, I drew a lot for different reasons. You know how it is in football, when there are no more results, it is the coach who pays at any level. It’s like that everywhere: at Real Madrid, and in a Ligue 4 team.

Times have changed, people want fast, now, today. It’s a world that’s moving much faster and no one has the patience anywhere.”said Mihai Iosif, on Sport Total FM.

Mihai Iosif explains why he didn’t stay at Rapid, despite Victor Angelescu and Daniel Niculae’s insistence

Rapid’s management offered Mihai Iosif to stay at the club, but the coach decided to refuse. The technician said that this decision came because he wants to continue his career as a head coach at the senior level.

There are discussions, but only at the level of deepening. Victor and Nico told me to stay at the club, but I want to try somewhere else. But I will definitely come back to Rapid if I need to. I’ll come back stronger, more licensed“Transmitted Mihai Iosif, to Digi Sport Special.

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