Mihai Stoica, about CFR Cluj

Article GSP – Posted on Friday, April 15, 2022 11:40 PM / Updated on Friday, April 15, 2022 11:45 PM

Mihai Stoica, Managing Director of FCSBpreface the derby with CFR Cluj Sunday (8:30 p.m.), counting for stage #5 of the playoffs.

“We have no chance of winning the title if we don’t win, indisputably! Even if we win, CFR remains the favourite,” MM told Orange Sport.

MM Stoica brings new


MM Stoica brings new ‘2-3 players’ to FCSB: ‘We are in love with them’

Mihai Stoica, on CFR Cluj – FCSB: “It will be a miracle to win”

Then the FCSB manager spoke about the deciding factor Dan Petrescu: “We have never beaten CFR with coach Petrescu in a game that mattered. I consider that CFR has the advance that it has mainly due to Dan Petrescu. He brought the players, he coached them, they scored points together.”

Recalling the delegation of referee Istvan Kovacs, Stoica concluded on a pessimistic tone: “There is Kovacs in the middle, it would be a miracle if we won!. Carei’s “power plant” has been repeatedly accused by the red-blues of disfavoring them.

Mihai Stoica: ‘We have information that Bălgrădean will defend’

MM was surprised when he announced he had information on a choice that Dan Petrescu will make for the match with the FCSB from the end of the week: “I understand that Bălgrădean will defend, not Hindrich, we also have new information. It also means that Petrila will play, to check the U21 rule”.

Gafeur in the first goal with CSU Craiova (2-3)Hindrich could be replaced between the goals by Bălgrădean, specifies MM, who has not defended since February 5, also a match with the University of Craiova (1-1).

He looks more vulnerable than previous CFR years, he loses points in the final minutes as hasn’t happened in the past. It’s true, but we don’t think we are at a higher level than last season, even if we scored more points
Mihai Stoica, Director of FCSB

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