Mouratoglou’s reaction after Serena Williams announced her return the same day she signed with Simona Halep

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The American’s decision came as a surprise to many tennis fans as the American hasn’t played for almost 10 months and what’s more, the announcement came at an unexpected time.

Serena Williams surprises Patrick Mouratoglou

Even Mouratoglou was surprised that Williams announced his return on the same day it was confirmed the Frenchman would work with Halep.

In an interview with France, the coach said he recently asked Williams if he was going to return to the tour but then received no response.

“I don’t want to speak on her behalf. I had a discussion before I started working with Simona. I asked her if she was planning to play again in the short term, she didn’t answer. So I told her that I wanted to work and if he wants to come back, we’ll talk again.

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She has since announced on social media that she wants to play Wimbledon, which surprised me, but sometimes I have trouble deciphering Serena’s language, even though I’ve known her for ten years.

Obviously, he will be 41 in September. She is a mother, she has many, many things in her life. She’s a perfect businesswoman who just did a big tech fundraiser.

She already has enough to do for her next life and even for the next two. But at the same time, tennis is his life. He’s been playing it since he was four years old, that’s what gave him the most satisfaction and I think he finds it hard to stop. Hence these hesitations and it is perfectly understandable. »Mouratoglou told France TV Info, as quoted by Spotmedia.

Simona Halep could have collaborated earlier with Patrick Mouratoglou

Simona Halep admitted that she could have arrived earlier under the command of Patrick Mouratoglou. Darren Cahill, the former trainer of Simona, had recommended three years ago to the athlete to go to train at the academy of the Frenchman of Greek origin.

Darren Cahill told me it would be a good idea to come and train at Patrick Mouratoglou’s academy. In fact, he just told me three years ago, but I didn’t, I didn’t listen to him, because I didn’t feel it was the right time. I’ve never been to an academy beforesaid Simona Halep, according to Tennis Majors.

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