“My son leaned over the balcony and fell into the void”

Manuela Hărăbor, one of the most beautiful actresses in Romania, recounted the difficulties she went through and confessed that the most difficult times were when her son’s life was in danger.

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Manuela Hărăbor played many important roles

Manuela Hărăbor, one of Romania’s most famous actresses, has a life that could be filmed. He devoted himself entirely to his love of art and theater for 50 years, and at 32 he discovered another great love, his son.

Unfortunately, things can’t always be rosy, so the star has also experienced events that could turn into real tragedies.

Known for the various roles she was cast in, Manuela Hărăbor told a story of her life in pain. She revealed that her son Andrei fell from the balcony while they were at sea. The star was terribly scared, especially since the incident could have turned into a tragedy, if the distance from which the boy is fallen into the void was greater.

Drama for Manuela Hărăbor!

I rented an apartment by the sea with my parents and Andrei. I went back to Bucharest because I had shows and during those three days of absence Andrei broke his head. He leaned over the first floor balcony, slipped and fell flat on a 60 square foot patch of dirt..

If he fell on the fence or on the concrete…I arrived at the hospital, found him sedated, the doctor said he had no injuries and was very lucky . The next morning, Andrei woke up and said to me: Mom, go to the beach“, the actress also told fanatik.ro.

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Another incident related to her son, which also marked the actress, is the one in which he disappeared. What terrified Manuela even more was the fact that at that time she was not in the country, but thousands of miles away. The star added that someone wanted to kidnap him, but the gendarmerie intervened in time.

I had two very painful experiences. First I was in America, I had to return to the country, I called home and found out that my father had lost Andrei in the park.

I tried to change my plane tickets, I felt trapped and didn’t know what to do. A few hours later, they found Andrei. Someone wanted to kidnap him, but the Gendarmerie intervenedShe added.

Manuela Hărăbor, motherhood with a disabled child: “The state is only interested in itself”

Manuela Hărăbor didn’t shy away from talking about what it’s like to raise a disabled child in Romania. She admitted that it is extremely difficult, especially if you have to do it yourself.

Raising a child in Romania is difficult. We live in a country where the state is only interested in its own person, its own pocket. For 30 years, they have shown a serious lack of respect for citizens. Raising a child with a disability is difficult because you have to do it alone.

I’ve said many times, at quite high levels: if you can’t help these children, give them a decent life, then don’t put your hands in your parents’ pockets, don’t take no taxes from them. Stop taking their money and they won’t ask for anything.she added.

Manuela Hărăbor, destroyed in “Pădureanca”, at the age of 18

Manuela Hărăbor was born in Bucharest, on April 2, 1968, in the family of a sculptor and model maker for cinematography at Buftea studios. She graduated from the Institute of Theater and Cinematography IL Caragiale in Bucharest, Bucharest.

At only 18, she starred in “Padureanca” and “Nemesis’s Secret”, followed by other roles in films such as “White Lace Dress”, “Tear of Heaven”, “Two Outlaws and a Crasmarite”, “The Cross.” of stone” and many others.

The role of Simina in “Padureanca” was the peak of Manuela Harabor’s career and brought her fame.

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