Oana Sîrbu, dying of grief after the sudden death of her two parents: “I was an orphan”

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Oana Sîrbu is going through a very difficult time in her life after losing her father just a few months ago. The star led his mother on the last road in August 2020, and his father breathed his last in December 2021, before Christmas.

Oana Sîrbu suffered a lot after suffering the second blow of her life last year, within a relatively short time since the death of her mother. The actress barely manages to talk about those who gave her life and she is moved to tears whenever it comes to them.

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Oana Sîrbu is going through a difficult period

Oana Sîrbu finds it difficult to accept that her parents are no longer alive.

The news of his father’s death came as a shock, as no one expected such a thing. Despite the fact that physically they will never be with her again, the actress feels them with her at all times.

“It just came to our knowledge at that time. With my father, it was the coup de grace, just before Christmas, last December. I was basically an orphan. I can’t say that a world disappeared, because I still have my parents with me. With me, next to me. In my world, in my dreams, in my thoughts…”, says Oana Sîrbu for ego.ro.

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Not only is she the one who suffers from the huge loss, but also her son who was very attached to his grandparents.

Oana Sîrbu’s parents and her son had a very special relationship, and the pain of losing both of them is a huge pain for her entire family.

“My little boy really lost his grandparents who loved him so much and for whom he made the last part of their life so beautiful! And then, between his pain and mine, I try to find splendid interpretations of what they meant to each of us.” she also said for the quoted source.