Oana Zăvoranu, radical transformation. He made fun of Bianca Dragusanu and now he copied her

Oana Zăvoranu recently surprised her fans on social networks, with the new photo distributed. If in the past she made fun of Bianca Drăgușanu for certain touch-ups that the diva had made on her face, now Internet users accuse the controversial actress of having followed in the footsteps of the famous couturier.

What Oana Zăvoranu looks like after widening her lips

Oana Zăvoranu committed it again and returned to the center of media attention, after posting a series of unique photos on her Instagram account. We all know that the famous actress is a big animal lover, and Poutine the kitten is her perfume.

Zăvo maintains a close relationship with her community of Instagram fans, followers whom she keeps up to date with everything that happens in her daily life. Recently, the brunette shared images in the online environment in which she appears asleep next to her cat.

While most of Oana Zăvoranu’s fans complimented her on the beauty of the kitten and admired the actress’ close relationship with her pet, some netizens criticized the star for the touch-ups she made on the level lips.

“What you did to your lips doesn’t look right!

Who’s in the picture ?

It’s Daniela Crudu!”, are some of the comments that netizens wrote to Oana Zăvoranu on Instagram.

Oana Zăvoranu pursed her lips

Some wrote that she looked like Daniela Crudu, while others slammed her for following in the footsteps of Bianca Dragusanu, whom for years she nicknamed Buzila, because of the big lips the blonde has been sporting ever since. more than 10 years.

Oana Zăvoranu is said to have recently crossed the threshold of the beautician’s office, as suggested by her online followers, the star having a slightly inflamed upper lip. In the past, Zăvo was nicknamed Buzuka, when she played television soap operas.

Fans of the controversial actress have been annoyed that Oana Zăvoranu is criticizing Romanian showbiz stars for having extremely large lips, when now it looks like she’s had the same beauty procedures.