Poland – Romania in the Billie Jean King Cup. Iga Swiatek

Article GSP – Published on Saturday, April 16, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. / Updated on Saturday, April 16, 2022 at 12:30 p.m.

POLAND – ROMANIA 2-0. The “Billie Jean King Cup” showdown continues NOW, with the match between Iga Swiatek (20), the WTA world leader, and Andreea Prisăcariu (22, 324 WTA). In case of defeat, Romania leaves the qualifications for the final round of the competition.

  • The duels can be watched in liveTEXT format on GSP.ro and live on Digi Sport 2 and Look Sport.
  • World leader Iga Swiatek, in exceptional form, should have met Irina Begu, Romania’s No. 1 rocket. However, Begu was replaced shortly before the match by Andreea Prisăcariu.
  • Magda Linette-Mihaela Buzărnescu is the other single match.

Without being able to rely on the top-ranked players in both singles and doubles, Horia Tecău debuted as a non-player captain in a lopsided duel. After the first day, Romania trail Poland 0-2and our team’s mission seems impossible.

The Pole tries to bring the decisive point to his team, while Prisăcariu, who starts at this level, is forced to impose himself to maintain the hopes of qualification.

Iga Swiatek – Andreea Prisacariu 5-0

  • 5-0, Break Swiatek. Andreea Prisăcariu does not repeat the positive game achieved a little earlier. He loses his job for the third time and Swiatek is about to end the inaugural round.
  • 4-0, Match Swiatek. The best game managed so far by Andreea Prisăcariu, decided the pros. The Romanian struck more courageously and also benefited from two unforced errors from the Pole. When she takes the lead, Swiatek is unbeatable and charges our player’s short balls unforgivable.
  • 3-0, Break Swiatek. Prisăcariu is overwhelmed by the consistency of the Polish game. The leader of the female hierarchy hits harder and outclasses the Romanian in terms of movement on the pitch. As a normal consequence, comes the second pause.
  • 2-0, Match Swiatek. No chance of return for Andreea Prisăcariu, the Polish won her match without incident, to zero.
  • 1-0, Break Swiatek. The world leader makes the break at the start of the match. Andreea started positively, leading 30-0, but the Pole tied the next four points.
  • The match has started, with Andreea Prisăcariu at work.
  • Both players are warming up and the match will start soon.
  • Andreea Prisăcariu, former national tennis champion in three age categories, but with non-existent results on the circuit, will be the most important match of her career. A few days ago, Prisacarius has revealed that new world leader Iga Swiatek is his friend. The relationship was said to have been linked during his first year.

UPDATE 11:50 Andrea Prisăcariu replaced Irina Begu

Andreea Prisacariu, in place of Irina Begu for the first match of the second day of the match Poland – Romania.

Irina Camelia Begu is unable to play the first match of day two of the Billie Jean King Cup qualifier in Radom, Poland and will be replaced by Andreea Prisacariu. Thus, from 12 noon Romanian time, Andreea Prisacariu will meet Iga Swiatek.

– Romania Billie Jean King Cup Team press release

If defeated, Romania will play a play-off on November 11-12 to stay in the elite group

Poland – Romania 2-0

  • Magda Linette – Irina Begu 6-1, 4-6, 6-2
  • Iga Swiatek – Mihaela Buzarnescu 6-1, 6-0
    Today from 12:00 p.m.
  • Iga Swiatek – Irina Begu
  • Magda Linette – Mihaela Buzărnescu
  • Magdalena Frech, Alicja Rosolska – Andreea Mitu, Andreea Prisăcariu

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