Romania, in the Billie Jean King Cup. Irina Begu, beaten by Magda Linette in the first match of the day

Article GSP – Published on Friday, April 15, 2022 at 4:20 p.m. / Updated on Friday, April 15, 2022 at 4:49 p.m.

POLAND – ROMANIA 1-0. Irina Begu (31 years old, 63 WTA) was beaten in the first match of the Poland-Romania match in the “Billie Jean King Cup”. Our player lost in three sets against Magda Linette (30 years old, 58 WTA), score 1-6, 6-4, 2-6. Follows the duel between Mihaela Buzărnescu and Iga Swiatek, the new WTA world leader.

  • The duels can be watched in liveTEXT format on and live on Digi Sport 2 and Look Sport.

Without being able to count on the top-ranked players in both singles and doubles, Horia Tecău will make his debut as a non-player captain in an unbalanced duel. Poland’s spearhead is none other than Iga Swiatek, the world leader, winner of three tournaments in recent months and undefeated for 17 games.

In the second confrontation of the day, Mihaela Buzărnescu fights for the first time with Iga Swiatek.

Iga Swiatek – Mihaela Buzarnescu 0-0

  • Swiatek and Mihaela Buzărnescu are warming up, the match will start soon.

“I have nothing to lose and I want to play the best game. I come after a break due to a shoulder injury. For me, everything is a bonus. The fact that I will play against the world number one is just a positive thing. I just have to win, so I’m determined and happy for this game,” Buzărnescu said before the game.

Magda Linette – Irina Begu 6-1, 4-6, 6-2

Irina Begu, Romania’s No. 1 missile, had no response in the first set. Without inspiration, the Romanian only accepted the sustained rhythm imposed by Magda Linette. The Pole dominated with authority and the score on the board was a normal consequence of hostilities on the pitch: 6-1.

Aware of the stakes of the game, Begu visibly raised the level of the game in the second set. He began to reduce the number of errors and take more risks, loading each bullet shorter from his opponent. Begu sent the game to the tiebreaker, where for a short time it appeared he had the initiative.

A slight mistake made in the third game would completely bypass the game of the Romanian, who had no response until the end, losing 2-6.

LiveTEXT game:

  • 6-2, Game, Set, Match Linette. The Pole saves two break points from Irina, manages the pressure well and ends a game that she clearly dominated in the first and third set. Poland – Romania 1-0.
  • 5-2, Break Linette. Irina Begu’s game disintegrated after that slightly lost point in the deciding third game. The Pole dominates the game with authority at the moment, takes another break and is about to bring the first point for Poland.
  • 4-2, Game Linette. The Pole is insurmountable in this passage of play on his own service. Linette wins the game from zero and is extremely close to victory.
  • 3-2, start of the game: Irina wins an important match with the service, necessary to stay close to Linette.
  • 3-1, Linette game. Once again confident at full speed, the Pole won without emotion on her own serve, consolidating her advantage in the decisive set.
  • 2-1, Break Linette. That’s a shame! Irina gives the game as a gift to the Pole, who leads the game. The Romanian had 40-30, but an uninspired choice cost her the serve.
  • 1-1, Linette Game: Begu fails to cause any problems on the return, and Linette also scores on the table in the third set.
  • 0-1, start of the game. Irina handles the start she needed decisively, with a first game granted on her own serve.
  • The decisive set has begun, with Irina Begu at work! The Romanians in the Radom room cheer our player on before the battle is about to begin.
  • 4-6, Break, Set Begu! The second round is won by the Romanian representative, who sends the confrontation into the decisive. Led by 0-30, Irina did not leave the fate of the match to chance. He struck aggressively from both sides of the pitch and also benefited from a few simple errors from the Pole. We will have a deciding set!
  • 4-5, start of the match: Irina is saved from work just when she needed it most. Our player stops the negative series, takes the lead and shifts the pressure on Linette’s court, which will serve to stay in the set.
  • 4-4, Linette Game: All the advantage gained by Irina earlier, but also her confidence is wasted. The Pole wins his third game in a row and draws at 4.
  • 3-4, Break Linette. The Pole recovers the break, after a terrible match made by Begu. Irina quits her job after another double mistake.
  • 2-4, Linette Game. The Pole manages a game inspired by the service, won at zero.
  • 1-4, start of the match: Difficult moment managed excellently by the Romanian representative, who saves a break ball with the second service and restores the advantage of three games.
  • 1-3, Linette Game: The Pole ends the period of “drought” by winning the first game of set II, after a series of errors committed by Irina.
  • 0-3, start of the game. Irina’s game is working much better now. Begu is more disciplined and his shots have more depth than the first set.
  • 0-2, Break Begu. Better! Irina gets two break points, which she no longer wastes, as happened in the first set. The Romanian consolidates her advantage and offers the first happy signs of the match.
  • 0-1, start of the game. Well done, Irine! Our player imposes himself in a game that can weigh a lot mentally. Trailing 0-30, Begu won four points in a row and took the lead in the second set.
  • The second set begins, with Irina Begu hard at work.
  • 6-1, Game, Set Magda Linette! The Pole closes the set with a successful ace on the second serve, after 33 minutes of play. Overall, a performance below expectations for Irina Begu, dominated in the most important chapters by her opponent.
  • 5-1, Break Linette. Irina is nowhere to be found, and Magda Linette, with maximum confidence, manages another break.
  • 4-1, Game Linette. That’s a shame! Begu benefited from two break points, but saved by Linette thanks to the solid play he manages from the back of the field.
  • 3-1, start of the game: The first game of Irina’s match arrives, after an intense match, in which Linette had come back from 15-40. Then, it is the Pole who dictates the rhythm of the points.
  • 3-0, Linette game. The Polish player serves impeccably, wins her game with zero and has a significant advantage in the opening set of the match in Radom.
  • 2-0, Break Linette. The hesitations in the Romanian game continue. The Romanian abandons her job, after a game in which she made two double errors.
  • 1-0, Game Linette. The Pole wins the first game of the match without much emotion, also taking advantage of Irina Begu’s mistakes. Our player is trying to calibrate his shots at the start of the match.
  • Agnieszka Radwanska, former world number two, watches the Poland-Romania match from the stands.
  • Magda Linette has won the toss and chooses to serve.
  • The players took to the pitch and sang the national anthems. The game will start soon.


The encounter will be decided on Saturday, in two singles matches in which Irina Begu and Iga Swiatek, Mihaela Buzărnescu and Magda Linette will face each other. Magdalena French / Alicja Rosolska and Andreea Mitu / Andreea Prisăcariu were nominated for the doubles match, the last of the confrontation.

Poland-Romania match schedule

Today, 2 p.m.:
Magda Linette (58 WTA, 30) – Irina Begu (63 WTA, 31)
Iga Swiatek (1 WTA, 20 years old) – Mihaela Buzărnescu (123 WTA, 33 years old)

Saturday at 12:00
Iga Swiatek – Irina Begu
Magda Linette-Mihaela Buzărnescu
Magdalena French / Alicja Rosolska – Andreea Mitu / Andreea Prisăcariu

As Tecău and Begu see Poland duel in Billie Jean King Cup: ‘We’re trying to do everything we can’

We try to concentrate on what we have to do. Indeed, there have been many problems, but we are there. This is the team and we are doing our best to win this game. The fact that we start with a second chance, I don’t know if it’s an advantage or not. This is the situation, we try to do everything we can.

-Irina Begu

I’m glad we’re here, we’re getting ready and I can’t wait to have a great weekend. Sport taught me to believe in myself until the end. I believe in the team and we will fight for our luck. No need to tell you now – I don’t want to spoil the surprise. The girls are motivated to play good matches.

I can’t say what I expected. I’m in this role for the first time and I’m learning what it’s like to be a captain. The current situation, which is a bit special, makes us better prepared. And whoever enters the field will represent Romania with a winning attitude and with pride. We are happy to have wonderful conditions here to prepare for. For the moment, the focus is only on these last days of preparation

– Horia Tecău, Romanian non-playing captain

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