Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte grabbed everyone’s attention at the Easter service! What beautiful dresses they wore

Kate Middleton and Prince William, along with other members of Britain’s Royal House, attended the traditional Easter service. The Queen was absent from the event, but Princess Charlotte managed to catch everyone’s attention. Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte wore matching outfits Photo source: Gettyimages It’s no secret that every Kate Middleton appearance is extremely calculated, … Read more

Kate Middleton, a life full of difficulties in the royal family! Princess Anne broke the silence

Kate Middleton officially became a member of Britain’s Royal House in 2011, when she married Prince William. From that moment, the whole life of Kate Middleton passed under the scrutiny of British publications and people around the world. The Duchess of Cambridge has to face enormous media pressure, which is often difficult. Kate Middleton carries … Read more