The abuse between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was ‘reciprocal’ / I think he kept it in check for decades until Heard broke

On the third day of the defamation trial, which opposes actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the testimony of the former couple’s psychotherapist, Laurel Anderson, was heard. EFE, transmits Agerpres.

A session recorded by the therapist who worked with the two spouses between 2015 and 2016, both in individual and joint sessions, was presented in court in Fairfaix (Virginia, USA), where this dispute is being judged.

“They were both abused in their home. I think he was in control for decades until Heard broke out and they both got involved in what I considered to be mutual abuse” , said Anderson.

When asked if Depp was violent with Heard, the therapist said “yes” and found “many bruises” on his face. Anderson later said that during the therapy sessions, the actress admitted that she also hit Depp during their fights.

“If Depp wanted to leave to lower the tension, she would hit him to keep him present, because she would rather fight with hits than leave him,” the psychotherapist said, assuring that Amber Heard would panic when she was abandoned. .

The two actors were present Thursday in a new lawsuit in which Depp accuses his ex-wife of defamation for an article she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018, after the divorce, and which describes herself as a person with experience of domestic violence.

The ongoing lawsuit, which follows another lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp against a London tabloid which the actor lost, is being streamed live online and will feature some celebrities, including James Franco and billionaire Elon Musk.

Among those who have already testified is Kate James, who worked as Heard’s personal assistant and described the actress as “unstable” and “verbally abusive” towards her team. .

Earlier, a friend of the actor, Isaac Baruch, testified that he was aware of the couple’s feuds, but did not recall seeing any bruises on the actress’s face or others. signs of violence.

Johnny Depp is asking his ex-wife for $50 million in damages for his image, while Amber Heard is asking the actor for $100 million for the same damages.