the club is no longer allowed to use the name » What Nicolae Badea says

Article by Eduard Apostol, Sergiu Alexandru – Posted on Friday, April 15, 2022 at 2:00 PM / Updated on Friday, April 15, 2022 at 3:21 PM

The “Stephen the Great” club Nicolae Badea has been advised not to use the name “FC Dinamo”, which appears on the LPF website, Facebook page and website, for commercial purposes.

UPDATE 15:00 » Nicolae Badea: “The notification concerns the commercial part”

Contacted by Gazeta Sportulor, Nicolae Badea spoke about the notification sent to the Ligue 1 club.

“I know it was a notification, I can confirm that. Yes, it’s for the commercial part. In terms of commercial use, things are clear. For commercial use, you must have an assignment. When you trade with someone’s logo, you must have a legal relationship with that owner.

Moreover, there are multiple confusions. The domain “” belongs to FC Dinamo, not to SC Dinamo 1948. The moment you announce that you announce registrations for children and juniors at FC Dinamo, the same is announced by FC Dinamo. No one knows where to go anymore. This is the purpose of the letter.

For sports, equipment and other purposes, it is understood that the logo with the dogs and all others may be used, as agreed.“Badea said for

When asked if Dinamo could become FCSB, which can no longer use the Steaua name, Nicolae Badea briefly replied “No”.

Nicolae Badea bans the club from using the names ‘FC Dinamo’ and ‘Football Club Dinamo Bucharest’ for commercial purposes

The club received a notification from CS FC Dinamo, the company of Nicolae Badea, which owns 7% of the Ligue 1 team, by whichIt is forbidden to use the trademark “Football Club Dinamo Bucharest”, the name “FC Dinamo” and the domain ““According to playsport.

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DDB presented the debts of the club to the supporters » How much should the supporters-shareholders recover

According to information obtained by, on the address of the club which is struggling to stay in Ligue 1, this notification arrived on Wednesday, requesting a change of name.

„It is forbidden to use the brand DINAMO BUCHAREST FOOTBALL CLUB, the name FC DINAMO and the domain Immediately, with no further grace period. On an exceptional basis, it is permitted to use only the logo on the sports equipment of the senior and junior teams for training and matches, being non-commercial activities/actions”, it is stated in the notification of the club of Nicolae Badea .

What does that mean?

Dinamo won’t have to resort to a name change, at least for now. The team will continue to be called Dinamo, but the “dogs” must give up the expressions “FC” and “Football Club”.

In addition, according to information from the GSP, the logo can still be used by the Ligue 1 club. However, the club must shut down the recently relaunched official website, Representatives of RTZ, Dinamo’s receiver, said: “We have another pitch, there is no problem.”

The officials of the “Ștefan cel Mare” club had difficulty reopening the site, constrained by a legal detail! “They had to publish the financial statement on their own website, so they had to speed up its reopening,” explained those close to the group.

Although the team may still use the name ‘Dinamo’, the notification received may be a sign that Nicolae Badea disagrees with the way he has been treated by Dinamo’s management lately. especially since he supported the group with various sums and contracts. , including in the first part of the season.

According to Radio Dinamo 1948, Nicolae Badea demanded that Dinamo’s image rights be transferred to him for 10 years, but he was refused by the club’s management. He therefore decided to send this notice to the club.

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