The effect of Nicolae Badea’s decision: Dinamo changes its logo! Who will decide on the new emblem

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Dinamo, on the model of Juventus! The reds and whites will change their logo with the help of the supporters

Thus, the club’s legal administrator, Răzvan Zăvăleanu, revealed in a telephone intervention on the Fotbal Club program that a rebranding process has already begun within the Bucharest club. Supporters will be those who are actively involved.

Following the model of Juventus, which changed its logo several times during the club’s history, fans want to reinvent Dinamo and create a new logo for the team.

This is the commercial use of the logo, not the Dinamo name. We are talking about using the red dog logo for commercial purposes. After all, this mix was not something we wanted.

We started a rebranding. Dinamo 1948 did not have this logo. The big clubs, as well as Juventus, are reinventing themselves and I think it was time for Dinamo too.

The rebranding will be done with the help of fans. That way things will be clear because there are too many Dinamo at the moment“, Răzvan Zăvăleanu transmitted to the Fotbal Club.

Nicolae Badea: “We want to clarify our way of working!”

Nicolae Badea, also a shareholder of SC Dinamo, declared that the only reason for this decision was to clear up confusion. A clear distinction between the entities CS FC Dinamo and SC Dinamo.

They are SC Dinamo 1948! There is confusion. There’s also FC Dinamo and SC Dinamo and we just want to clarify how that works. I remain involved with Dinamo. I never gave up being close to Dinamo. I am a Dinamo fan and I am a member of the DDB. I can help with this quality or as an ad buyer.

FC Dinamo is one entity, SC Dinamo 1948 is another. The use of the mark, color and other elements derived from the FC Dinamo brand for sporting purposes remains. I cannot use FC Dinamo for commercial purposes. They can be used strictly for sporting purposes“said Nicolae Badea, according to

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