The fans remained hidden! What Antonia looks like without makeup

Antonia, one of Romania’s most beloved singers, wanted to prove to everyone that she is gorgeous and makeup-free. The star posted a photo that shows her in all her glory. The footage immediately sparked appreciation from her fans.

Antonia Carla Iacobescu is a singer loved and appreciated by fans. The young woman began her career as a model and has kept her beauty even after three pregnancies. At 33, he can be proud of a musical career spanning more than a decade and a happy family, alongside singer Alex Velea.

Lately, Antonia has been facing many voices criticizing her online. The singer couldn’t bear to keep quiet and decided to teach them a lesson to prove the truth. (READ ALSO: How Maria Constantin keeps fit: “I didn’t have weight problems until I was 30”)

Antonia showed no makeup. What the artist conveyed to fans

Not so long ago, Antonia hosted an Instagram Q&A. Fans were invited to find out the star’s answers. Among them were requests for Alex Velea’s wife to look natural, without filters and makeup. Soon after, he gave them the required images, in which his perfect skin could be.

It’s not uncommon for fans to wonder if Antonia’s beauty secret is cosmetic surgery. The suspicion was confirmed by the star herself, who admitted to having undergone several operations.

Antonia without makeup.  Image source: Instagram
Antonia without makeup. Image source: Instagram

Antonia’s beauty has been recognized even internationally. In 2018, she received 8th place in the “Top 100 Most Beautiful Women in the World”. A year earlier, the star had reached 11th place in the “Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017” (READ ALSO: What sacrifices did Emilia Ghinescu make to become a singer? “I took a shower, I took my uniform and…”)