The mythical Dragomir revealed the habit that keeps him in power even at 76

Mitică Dragomir, the former head of LPF, spoke to ProSport Live about her life, showing that she is dedicated to family life.

The former Romanian football manager, turns 75, he talked about the habits he learned with his wife, Vica Dragomir. He says he has had lunch with her every day for five decades.

At the same time, “the oracle of Bălcești” wanted to praise his wife and asserts that married life with the loved one should not be neglected.

Mitică Dragomir revealed the habit that keeps him in power even at the age of 76: “Only with my wife at lunch. An Israeli teacher recommended it to me! »

Mitica Dragomir also revealed on ProSport Live that he drank a shot of brandy every day, considering this dose of alcohol as medicine.

“I’ve had lunch with my wife for 54 years. She’s the only one who cooks. I had 33 hired chefs and I liked her. My God, if God gives you luck with a good wife, you have a quiet life.

Mine educated the children, raised them. I eat breakfast and drink 40-50 grams of cognac. An old Israeli teacher told me that I had been drinking for 25 years and had no pain, nothing. 40 grams doesn’t even matter and they don’t drive anyway. I’ve been a driver for about 35 years, I don’t like to drive,” Mitică Dragormi told ProSport Live.