The ordeal of Julian Nagelsmann after the elimination of Bayern Munich in the Champions League! “It’s crazy”

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After the 0-1 defeat at El Madrigal, Bayern failed to reverse the fate of qualification on their home turf and only managed a draw. 1-1who sent Villarreal into the aces of Europe’s most gallant club competition.

Julian Nagelsmann, hundreds of death threats after the elimination of Bayern Munich from UCL quarters

A few days after the negative result in the UCL quarter-finals, Julian Nagelsmann, the Bavarian coach, revealed the avalanche of criticism that fell on him via social networks. In addition, the 34-year-old technician said he had received hundreds of death threats.

I know I will always receive criticism from all sides – it’s normal and I can handle it. But when you get 450 death threats on Instagram, it’s not that simple. OK, there are people who want to kill me, that’s one thing, but they’re going after my own mum, who doesn’t even care about football.

I do not understand. As soon as I turn off the TV, people forget all modesty. And they think they’re the only ones right, it’s crazy. I get threats after every game, whether we win or lose. There are more death threats when you play with three defenders than when you play with four, and obviously a lot more when you loseNagelsmann was quoted as saying in the German press, quoted by

  • Julian Nagelsmann took over from Bayern Munich in April 2021 and has a contract until summer 2026.
  • Nagelsmann won a trophy in charge of the Bavarians, the German Supercup.

Summary VIDEO Bayern Munich – Villarreal 1-1

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