The Romanian star that Smiley could not conquer. He refused, and he fell in love with Gina Pistol

Smiley is, without a doubt, one of the most famous and beloved singers in our country. He has been in love for several years with Gina Pistol, who also gave him a one-year-old daughter, Josephine. However, few people know that before the host Chefi on the knives, the artist had set his sights on another Romanian star. That’s who the talented Romanian animator made advances to!

Smiley made advances to a Romanian star

Before going public with his relationship with Gina Pistol, Smiley was one of our nation’s most coveted bachelors. Over time, the artist had only beautiful girlfriends, but he failed to impress her. The one who refused Gina Pistol’s current companion is none other than Ana Baniciu.

The daughter of Mircea Baniciu, the famous soloist of the rock group Phoneix, is one of the most popular singers of the moment. The former winner of the first season of the show Asia Express participated in “Quick Sauces”, the challenge of the show La Măruță.

The soloist chose not to eat spicy, so she had to say the names of famous men who have made progress over time. Among the names listed was that of Smiley.

“Some of them are still married. I’m thinking who to tell… If I have the phone, maybe we can see. Maybe it seemed to me. You don’t want to set the fire in the world? There are a lot of! I’ll say three names, who are also friends of mine. One would be Niculae on the radio, but she was a catechist.

I can also say Dorian Popa, because now he’s also my good friend. I don’t look left and right. Third… Smiley, put it on then. I wear a ring on my finger, whatever. (…) I don’t understand what they did to you. I liked the people, they also gave a message,” said Ana Baniciu, during the broadcast on Pro TV.

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Ana Baniciu, revelations about Smiley

Ana Baniciu got engaged last year

Last year, Ana Baniciu was proposed by her boyfriend, Edy Kovacs. He gave her a beautiful ring during a romantic vacation in Italy. The two love each other very much and have big plans together. The singer and her companion are currently looking for accommodation.

“We are trying to find something in Bucharest. We have to find something bigger. We don’t really want a house, we want a bigger apartment. On this special day, I realize that I am very loved and lucky .

I also received flowers and messages. Last night I even got a cake from my friends and neighbors. The only problem was that the lighter didn’t work and they couldn’t light the candles.

(…) Edy prepared many gifts. Gifts no longer matter, the important thing is that we understand each other and that we are happy,” Ana Baniciu told Antena Stars.