The terrible drama of singer Vasile Șeicaru. His wife was killed by the TV in the living room

  • Vasile Șeicaru’s wife died 16 years ago
  • The woman was killed by a television

16 years ago, singer Vasile Șeicaru was going through a huge drama. The woman he loved the most, his life partner, was found breathless by him in the apartment where the two lived together.

Vasile Șeicaru’s wife was killed on TV. The terrible drama of the singer

Invited to an event, Vasile Șeicaru called his wife, who was at home, but found that she was not answering the phone. Suspecting something serious had happened, the singer immediately got in the car and drove downstairs to his house, where he was shocked when he entered the apartment.

The singer found Gabriela, his wife, out of breath in the living room chair, where she was watching TV. The police immediately arrived on the scene and determined the death of the woman, but also what really happened.

The television in the room was guilty, because after an implosion the device emitted deadly gases that killed Vasile Șeicaru’s wife. It all started with a short circuit inside the TV, and immediately thick smoke filled the room.

The floor, along with the woman’s lifeless body, was covered in soot, a sign that the device had been burning all this time.

Vasile Șeicaru never wanted to enter this house again

After the death of his wife, singer Vasile Șeicaru made a drastic decision regarding his future. He has decided never to enter the apartment where Gabriela died, and he says he doesn’t even walk the streets leading to where his partner ended up.

“I have never been there before, I do not even walk in these streets. I have never been since (…) I revolted very strongly, without necessarily asking myself: Why, Lord, me? Why me “Who am I to crack? Not because of that, but I had this moment of pain. Whoever tells me to be positive comes and slaps me! Because these urges to think positively – it’s easy for you to throw words out of your mouth”he said on a TV show.

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