“They are Nazis, I know! / Dinamo Kyiv will play the friendly match in Cluj, with the CFR team

Dinamo Kyiv have issued a statement announcing that they are canceling the friendly match they should have played with Romanian team FCSB, sponsored by businessman Gigi Becali. The reason for the cancellation of the match, Becali’s recent statements to the Ukrainian army and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

About the Ukrainian military regiment Azov, Becali said: “It’s the Nazis, I know that! Their leader named Zelenski president. »

The management of Dinamo kyiv took offense at the statements of the FCSB financier at the end of last week and decided to cancel the match on April 20. something revealed by Ovidiu Ioanițoaia in today’s editorial on GSP.ro.

“The management of Dinamo Kyiv considers that Gigi Becali’s statement on the Azov regiment is inadmissible. Under these conditions, we do not see how we could host this friendly match. This has already been communicated to the FCSB. Dynamo Kyiv He wants to thank Gigi Becali for helping organize training and hosting the team in Romania, but he stresses that the most important thing right now is the country’s independence. Instead of the match with FCSBour team will play a friendly match against the champion CFR Cluj“, is it indicated in the press release posted by Dynamo Kyiv on the official website, reports gsp.ro.

What were Becali’s statements that annoyed the Ukrainians of Dinamo Kyiv

In an intervention 6 days ago on România TV, Gigi Becali offered a series of controversial statements on the war in Ukraine: “Do you want me to say what I know? Zelenski was nominated by a big billionaire (No. Igor Kolomoisky) who owns the Azov Group. He saved Abramovich. He called Zelensky, “I put you, save Abramovich.” Zelenski called Biden and said, “Forgive Abramovich.” He formed the Azov group. They are the Nazis. This billionaire is Jewish and people are amazed that he created the Nazi group Azov. I know”.

Becali’s statements were featured in Ukraine on Dinamo Kyiv’s most prominent fan site, called “Dynamomania”. The headline was: “The obnoxious Star boss told us who was behind Zelensky and the Azov regiment,” he said. GSP.ro

In a dialogue held on Wednesday with GSP.roDinamo Kyiv coach Mircea Lucescu says the friendly match with FCSB was canceled as no stadium was found to match the event.

Because no stadium was found to match the event! Yes, because we were supposed to play on the Arc de Triomphe on April 6, but then my players weren’t ready at all and I couldn’t. Then, the idea of ​​a big tournament was created, on the axis Warsaw – Istanbul – Bucharest, but the Arc de Triomphe is too small an arena and this match is no more than a friendly match, it gotta get a message across, we need something big, like the impact we want. I could not go below the level of what was in Warsaw, during the match with Legia, where I think there were 20,000 spectators. Moreover, there must be a special program of Ukrainian artists, something that needs, I repeat, a bigger arena.
said Mircea Lucescu, for GSP.ro.

photo above: I say Photos/ Octav Ganea