Vasilica Stan, the revelation of the evening! The cook with the golden voice, reminiscent of Angela Similea

Vasillica Stan, 54, took the stage at Romanians Have Talent and prepared the jury with her extraordinary voice. The woman comes from a modest background, and in her daily life she cooks for the patients of the hospital where she works.


Vasilica Stan, the revelation of the evening! The cook with the golden voice, reminiscent of Angela Similea

Vasilica Stan, 54, was the revelation of the evening at Les Roumains ont du talent. The 54-year-old woman, a cook by profession, left the jurors speechless after performing a hit from Angela Similea’s repertoire, “To die of wounded love”.

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Vasilica works at the Emergency Hospital in Târgoviște, where her job is to cook for the patients. The woman confessed that she was not working in her current job, but had to choose this path to earn a living.

,, My name is Stan Vasilica, I am 54 years old and I come from Târgoviște. My talent is music. I’ve had this passion since I was a kid, but unfortunately I didn’t take it that way. It was like that. The current job is to cook. I work at the emergency hospital in Târgoviște. The food in the hospital is not so great because the allowance is as it is, given from above, not by us.

I get really mad about it sometimes. I am a soulful man, I pity the sick. In the kitchen, we do what we can, but others have to do much more than us. Unfortunately this is not done. I don’t find myself in this profession. I only find myself in the music. I’ve had this thing in my blood since I was a kid. But I worked because I have to work.”said Vasilica.

Vasilica impressed the jurors with an expressive and moving interpretation of the famous hit “To die of a wounded love”, sung by Angela Similea.

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The jurors were very enthusiastic about Vasilica Stan

Andi Moisescu was particularly moved by Vasilica’s performance, and the jury confessed that they had the impression that Angela Similea herself was on stage.

“Mrs. you should know that I too listened well to Angela Similea as a child, that I fully grasped a childhood that Angela Similea broadcast on the radio. What really surprised you is that I almost poured tears seeing how well you have studied Angela Similea.

Madame, it’s admirable what you did at 54, you took courage. You simply amaze us. You had times when we seemed to be listening to Angela Similea. I tell you the truth, you sang so well. You have a call in this direction“, said Andi Moisescu.

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Vasilica Stan brought to the stage of Romanians Have Talent some of the nostalgia for the golden age of Romanian light music, and the jurors awarded her four “Yes”.

Andra also had nothing but praise for Vasilica Stan and appreciated her stage presence, which was very authentic from the costumes, to the movements, to the facial expressions. The soloist praised the 54-year-old for not giving up on her dream and having the courage to take the stage at Les Roumains ont du Talent.

“I just want to tell you that it’s never too late to sing, to fulfill your dream. It can’t work when there’s so much passion for singing. interpretation of Ms. Angela Similea. You also took advantage of her elegance. He seems to me the most elegant artist, the most chic artist,” Andra said.

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