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Unusual event in Spezia – Inter! The earring took Nzola off the pitch immediately after his introduction

In the 60th minute, with the Milanese leading 1-0 thanks to Brozovic’s 31st-minute goal, La Spezia coach Thiago Motta decided to send M’Mala onto the pitch. Nzola in place of Rey Manaj.

Motta did not notice an important detail in Nzola, the fact that the attacker had forgotten his earring in his ear, which is prohibited by the regulations.

After a few moments, the center of the game realized this and sent the footballer to the edge of the field to remove his earring, only that he stubbornly did not undo it. Spezia staff members also came to the aid of Nzola, who struggled for minutes to remove the earring from the footballer’s ear but to no avail.

Because Thiago Motta had to be helped off the pitch because an injury prevented him from finishing the game. He removed the Englishman from the pitch and was replaced by 19-year-old Frenchman Janis Antiste.

Just three minutes after Nzola left the pitch, Inter scored again, this time through Lautaro Martinez, and until the end of the match, the Milanese scored through Sanchez (minute 90+4).

VIDEO The moment when Nzola tries to remove his earring

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