Video | CFR Cluj – FCSB 0-1. The “red-blues” have relaunched the fight for the title. Champion, one shot on goal and one eliminated

17.04.2022, 22:15

  • League 2: In ClujConcordia ChiajnaMonday, 5:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1

  • League 1: FastGas Metan MediașMonday, 8:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1

The title fight is on. FCSB won 1-0 on the home ground CFR Cluj, after a match where the champion had only one shot on goal, and the “red-blues” attacked a lot and had a bar. Only two points remain between the two teams.

CFR Cluj – FCSB 0-1. Octavian Popescu scored the only goal of the game

The match started with FCSB in attack, and shots from Olaru and Tănase were held back by Bălgrădean. Octavian Popescu had a fantastic opportunity to score another fc goal 83 minutes into the game, but he shot just above the crossbar.

Ovidiu Popescu had a personal action, ending with a shot over the goal. After 43 minutes, the referee signaled a substitution for Olaru.

From then on, Dan Petrescu fleshed out the defense even more from the second half, after he didn’t have a shot on goal in the first half.

CFR Cluj – FCSB 0-1. There are two points left between the two teams

The second half also started with FCSB attacking and Edjouma’s shot was blocked by Bălgrădean. Then Cordea’s execution was deflected into a corner. The same Edjouma had no luck in a few minutes, after Cristea touched the bar in the same phase.

After a few turns, Radunovic and Ianis Stoica got stuck. Then the same Edjouma, entering the break, had two more chances.

The attack of the red-blues bore fruit in the 74th minute, by Octavian Popescu, but the extension was spirited.

FCSB missed a great chance, but CFR squandered a huge chance, when goalkeeper Târnovanu worked wonders.

CFR Cluj – FCSB finished 0-1, and there are two points left between the two teams.

VIDEO with the summary of the match CFR Cluj – FCSB 0-1:

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The 5th round of the Ligue 1 play-off derby, CFR Cluj – FCSBto watch from 8:30 p.m., live on Digi Sports 1but also on site-ul and in Digi Sports appby RCS-RDS subscribers.

CFR Cluj – FCSB | LIVE VIDEO, 8:30 p.m., on Digi Sport 1

The match that can largely decide the title or, on the contrary, “blow up” the championship final will be played with closed house. All tickets were sold out a few days before the game.

The match between CFR Cluj and FCSB will be refereed by Istvan Kovacs, the highest ranked Romanian center at the moment, knowing the health problems of Ovidiu Hațegan.

CFR Cluj – FCSB | LIVE VIDEO, 8:30 p.m., on Digi Sport 1. Head-to-head matches and statistics

UPDATE 13:15FCSB’s last victory in Gruia date of August 10, 2014. Then, Cristi Tănase scored the only goal of the match won by the red-blue at the limit, 1-0.

UPDATE 11:45 -Dan Petrescu it seems tempting to send the most experienced players onto the pitch, to dampen the momentum of the red-blues. The technician seems to be betting between the logs, most likely on Cristian Balgradean (34 years old), who has not defended since February 5, 2022, of the match Universitatea Craiova – CFR 1-1. In the batch it is likely to be included, as a reserve for “Pufi”, and The “giant” Karlo Letica (24 years old), once considered one of the hopes of Croatian football.

With six games remaining, including this one, CFR Cluj are five points clear of FCSB at the top of the Ligue 1 standings. two points by Dan Petrescu’s side and La Liga 1 would enjoy an electrifying final.

A draw in Gruia would suit the University of Craiova, who won in Constanța, 3-0 with Faruland is currently one point behind FCSB and six behind CFR Cluj.

  • 64 direct meetings have been recorded between the two teams at the level of the first league, 18 wins for CFR Cluj, 24 draws and 22 successes for FCSB.
  • Gabriel Debeljuh, with 11 goals, is CFR Cluj’s top scorer this season, while Florin Tănase is FCSB’s top scorer, with 15 goals.

Dan Petrescu and Toni Petrea have faced each other twice on the bench. The “Badger” won once, 2-0, on July 31, 2020, and the other game ended in a draw, when the regular season returned, on January 23, 2022, 3-3.

CFR Cluj – FCSB | LIVE VIDEO, 8:30 p.m., on Digi Sport 1. Statements

Cristi Balaj, the president of the CFR Cluj club, and Gigi Becali, the FCSB financier, they had a dialogue at a distance, and refereeing was the central theme. First of all, Balaj mocked FCSB, suggesting that the responsibility of the team does not belong to the coach, but to the owner. Instead, at CFR Cluj, the sole responsible is Dan Petrescu.

Gigi Becali (63) believes that a success for the team of Anton Petrea (47) will have an extraordinary effect in the play-off that will follow. That’s why he sent a public message to the players. ”If we win on Sunday, we are champions!”, says Becaliexclusively at Digi Sport.

Even if the CFR would be eight points behind FCSB with a victory on Sunday, Dan Petrescu is of the opinion that the title would not have been decided.

There is pressure on both teams. When you coach at CFR Cluj and FCSB, you are always under pressure. The match is not decisive, it is my opinion“, said Dan Petrescu.

Instead, The FCSB coach is waiting to an extremely difficult match against the CFR and he thinks that a possible failure of his team will decide in a fairly large proportion of the Romanian champion this season.

A team field trip in the first place. A team that needs no introduction. They have a valuable lot, which has been in the forefront for quite some time. We go with confidence for a good match and we want to win, no matter which team we meet.

It’s an important game for both teams. If we don’t win, the distance increases. Anything can happen in five games, but if we don’t win tomorrow night they will take an important option to win the championship.“, said Petrea.

CFR Cluj – FCSB | LIVE VIDEO, 8:30 p.m., on Digi Sport 1. The red-blues change their defense “type”

In the week of the match, Toni Petrea received bad news: it will not be possible to count on Paulo Viniciusdue to a medical problem.

The Brazilian defender had recently returned from another injury and had been a fundamentalist with the University of Craiova and FC Voluntari, but he will miss the duel in Cluj.

Paulo Vinicius, FCSB’s “defensive pillar” this season, will be replaced by Andrei Miron in the center of defense, where the former FC Botoșani player will “couple” with Iulian Cristea.

Paulo Vinicius won’t be the only ‘typical’ FCSB defensive player this season who won’t play in Cluj. Valentin Cretu is in the same situation, replaced by Ovidiu Popescu and in the last round match with FC Voluntari, due to recent developments which leave a lot to be desired.

Ovidiu Popescu was one of FCSB’s best players from the National Arena, so he will definitely keep his place in the starting line-up in Cluj.

What FCSB can look like with CFR Cluj:

  • Tarnovanu – Ov. Popescu, Cristea, Miron, Radunovic – Edjouma, Șut, Olaru – I. Stoica, Tănase, Oct. Popescu

The probable team of those of CFR Cluj:

  • Bălgrădean – Graovac, Yuri, Burcă – Susic, Deac, Boateng, Bordeianu, Camora – Omrani, Petrila