Video | Cristi Balaj, vehemently at the arbitration address, after CFR Cluj

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President Cristi Balaj, a former international referee, wanted to clarify what Istvan Kovacs did wrong and why the Transylvanians lost. Also, the official of the champion reproached the FCSB for “pressure” on the axis in the week preceding the match.

Cristi Balaj, vehemently against the referee, after CFR Cluj – FCSB 0-1

“We didn’t imagine we wouldn’t have refereeing at Champions League level. They are valuable referees, they know them and they have no interest, but the pressures we put on the referees bring errors.

This is the reason for these errors. In such a match you have to be as precise as possible, don’t think that you won’t upset those who put pressure on you before.” said Cristi Balaj at the end.

Christi Balaj:I insist, don’t pressure me anymore!

“We want to be elegant and not hide the defeat behind the refereeing, we are the main culprits. We have our share of responsibility, only we expected much more from this game.

These imperfections weren’t allowed to exist and felt like there was some fear. Boateng received a yellow card for standing over the ball and blocking an opponent’s quick free kick after 80 minutes.

There are many things that have nothing to do with the field. I felt the need to clarify this.

I insist, don’t put pressure on us anymore because we have nothing to do with the referees. We don’t have referees who erred in our favor in the matches we have to win, compared to our opponents, who often had to win.

FRF looks at them with indifference, and that seems to encourage them. We chose to be elegant, to protect the referees, to say that we want fair refereeing, to say that we do not go to the referees.

But these accusations were meant to make what happened happen. I also have a part of subjectivism, but see what happened until the elimination and I will take out the phases to discuss it, to see that I am not talking nonsense”. Balaj pointed out.

After this defeat, CFR Cluj remain leaders, but are only two points ahead of FCSB at the top of the standings.

VIDEO with the summary of the match CFR Cluj – FCSB 0-1:

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