Video | CS Mioveni – Dinamo 2-0. The inhabitants of Argeș, a big step for the rescue of the dam, where the “dogs” will go

15.04.2022, 22:20

  • League 1: FC ArgesSaturday, 5:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1

  • League 1: LighthouseUniversity of CraiovaSaturday, 8:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1

Dinamo needed a win Mioveni to hope, with real chances, to avoid the place of the dam, but lost 0-2 in the fifth round of the play-outs, after a match with huge chances.

CS Mioveni – Dinamo 2-0. The “dogs” will play the barrage

The “dogs” were the ones who had the first two chances of the game, and Mioveni responded immediately, when Coșereanu and Rusu couldn’t push the ball into the goal.

Balaur then squandered a great chance when a cross from the left found him alone with the keeper.

In the second half, Rusu couldn’t send a goal and scored the first two big chances for the “dogs”, by Grădinaru and Irobiso.

CS Mioveni – Dinamo 2-0. The hosts have beaten the ‘dogs’ 3 times this season

Mioveniul scored in the 72nd minute, through Panait, and after a few minutes the nerves of the “dogs” gave way and they were left without Irobiso, eliminated directly. In the end, Argeș’s second goal came, when Sanoh found himself alone with the goalkeeper.

After another chance from Lixandru, Mioveniul had a huge chance again, when three players were left with only the goalkeeper in front, but Raicea didn’t hit the goal.

After this result, Mioveniul takes a big step towards saving the play-off, where Dinamo will reach.

VIDEO with the summary of the match CS Mioveni -Dinamo 2-0:

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CS Mioveni – Dynamo is an extremely interesting match in stage 5 of the Ligue 1 play-offs.

CS Mioveni – Dinamo LIVE VIDEO, 8.30pm, Digi Sport 1 | Fight to avoid the “dam”

Dinamo is aiming for victory, the only option to hope, with real chances, to avoid the “dam” to stay in the first level. On the other hand, the Argeș group must win.

  1. Dinamo they also face financial problemshaving debts over 9 million euros.

CS Mioveni: I. Popescu l – I. Rădescu, A. Scarlatache, Garutti, Șerbănică l, Buziuc, Lixandru, L. Dumitriu, R. Trif l, B. Rusu, Tomczyk
Reserves: Ducan, A. Voinea, A. Iacob, Ș. Blanaru, A. Panait, Sanoh, D. Oancea, Raicea, E. Dat
Coach: Alex Pelici

Dynamo: Eșanu, l Grădinaru, Aloe, Carp, Moura l, Bani, Răuță, Pierret, St. Filip, Morar, Irobiso
Reserve: Fara, Jovanovici, Ehmann, C. Matei, J. Rodriguez, Patriche, Ivanovski, Mihaiu, Ivanov
Coach: Dusan Uhrin Jr.

Dinamo have only one win in the last seven matches

Dinamo have one victory in the first four games of the play-off, and the mission of the “red-whites” to avoid the play-off is almost impossible. The distance from the first safe place, occupied by CS Mioveni, is 9 points.

Live at Digi Sport, coach Bogdan Andone (47) criticized the large number of footballers used by Dinamo this season – 53. Andone considers that Dusan Uhrin cannot form a homogeneous team.

“I think Dinamo are already thinking about the play-off. They will probably play with Hermannstadt or ‘U’ Cluj, if Steaua can’t promote… or Chiajna, Slobozia is far away.

It’s crazy at Dinamo, you can’t make a team. What game relationships to build? Unfortunately, it is a great madness.”declared Bogdan Andone, in the broadcast Liga Digi Sport.

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