Video | Ligue 2, stage 4 | Petrolul – Unirea Slobozia, 12:30 p.m., and CSA Steaua

  • League 1: In Craiova 1948Academic ClinceniSunday, 3:00 p.m., Digi Sport 1

  • League 1: CFR ClujFCSBSunday, 8:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1

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Ligue 2, the program for stage 5 of the play-offs

Ligue 2 offers interesting matches and in the playoffs, where there is a fierce battle for the two directly promoted places, but also for the two positions that lead to the “dam”. The role of those of CSA Steaua will be important, because the “soldiers” will “arbitrate” this battle until the end of the fact that they do not have the right to be promoted.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Petrolul – Unirea Slobozia 12:30, live at Digi Sport 1

CSA Steaua – Hermannstadt 17:30, live at Digi Sport 1

Monday, April 18, 2022

U Cluj – Concordia Chiajna 5:30 p.m., live at Digi Sport 1.

The program for stage 4 of the play-out

group A

Miercurea Ciuc – Dacia Braila 5-0
They marked: Jelena 23 and 75, Jebari 36-penalty and 42, Bara 83

Calarasi Danube – Metaloglobe 0-3
They marked: A. Enache 10, O. Herea 64, Cl. Here 71

Poli Timisoara – Shelimbar 1-2
They marked: Ciocâlteu 1, Curtean 45 / Andrei Doru 78

Group B

Ripensia Timisoara – Buzau 0-1
He scored: Trebotic 34

FC Brasov SR – Unirea Dej 0-2
They marked: P. Popescu 82 and M. Manole 87-penalty

Astra- Unirea Constanta 1-2
They marked: Firțulescu 75 / A. Șuteu 33, A. Niță 77
Deleted: A. Grigore 86

Ligue 2, stage 4 match | Poli Timisoara – Elimbăr 1-2

Min. 90+5 – FINAL. Poli Timisoara – ȘELIMBĂR 1-2.

Min. 78 – GOOL POLI: 1-2, ANDREI! Alexandru Curtean chases a clearance from Doru Andrei but he sends it outside.’

The second half has started.


Mine. 45-GOOOL ȘELIMBĂR: 0-2, CURTEAN! The midfielder took the lead inside the box, at the long corner.

Min.1 – GOOOAAAL – 0-1, CIOCÂLTEU! The guest midfielder shot, in the 48th second, more than 35 meters and caught Devenish, the Banat goalkeeper.

Home teams

Poli Timisoara: Devenish-Meares – Sofran, Mera (cpt.), Bocșan, Pamfile – R. Lazăr, Ignea – D. Radu, D. Andrei, oct. Bear – Rogosic
Reserves: R. Motariu – Oanea, Plumbuitu, Zaluschi, Gerbi, Bîrnoi, Sîntean, Bakoș, Huminic
Coach: Nicolae Croitoru

CS Comunal Șelimbar: R. Gal – Monea (cpt.), Natea, Tud. Telcean, Arhirii – Vecerdea, Cărăruș, Curtean, Yameogo – Yazalde, Ciocâlteu
Reservations: Al. Șerban – Visa, Al. Luca, Mubele, D. Tatar, Buzan, T. Suciu, Rotar, Cîrstean
Coach: Eugen Beza

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