Vlad Gherman, caught with another woman in bed! “I don’t know who reported this to the press. It’s serious.” The image that set the internet on fire

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Vlad Gherman dated Cristina Ciobănașu for a decade, and everyone was shocked when, early last year, the two announced their separation.

A few months later, his ex-girlfriend had already rebuilt his life, and rumors of a relationship between him and one of his colleagues multiplied. Finally, Vlad Gherman and Oana Moșneagu have assumed their relationship in the public space, and now form one of the most appreciated and watched couples in local showbiz.

So fans of both were really shocked seeing the latest image posted by the actor on social media. Vlad Gherman appeared in bed with a young woman!

Vlad Gherman, the image that shocked everyone. How he was surprised in the company of a young woman

The actor wowed absolutely everyone with the latest image posted to his personal social media account. Vlad Gherman appeared naked, among the bedding, next to a young woman, and everyone thought he couldn’t see well.

He even had a description that surprised more than one. Eventually, however, the star revealed that it’s actually just a scene from the show she’s filming!

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“Actually, I was taken…I don’t know who gave this photo to the press, but…it’s serious…”, Vlad Gherman wrote on his personal Instagram account.

Oana Moșneagu, about the relationship between her boyfriend and Cristina Cibănașu

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Recently, the actress was asked how she got along with this closeness between Vlad Gherman and his ex-girlfriend, because all three are shooting for the same series, and meetings are inevitable. Well, Oana Moşneagu says she’s not bothered at all, because she knows they’re just colleagues and nothing more.

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“God, how curious you are. I got questions about how I feel, about the posts, and about them still talking and seeing each other. And in Vlad’s vlog, there’s a lot of No, I don’t mind at all. They’re colleagues, they meet a lot during filming, they’re friends more than colleagues and they post as colleagues and friends.” Oana Moşneagu said online.