“We are more valuable than them, you win!”

  • League 1: Chindia Târgoviște – FC BotoșaniFriday, 5:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1

  • Ligue 1: CS Mioveni – DinamoFriday, 8:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1

  • CFR Cluj and FCSB will meet on Sunday in the 5th round of the Ligue 1 play-offs, at 8:30 p.m., and the match can be followed on Digi Sport 1, on the website digisport.ro and on Digi Sports Appby RCS-RDS subscribers.

Gigi Becali, before the match with CFR Cluj: “You must not have emotions”

Gigi Becali sends an optimistic message ahead of the derby with CFR Cluj. He says his team is much more valuable than that of the Transylvanians and that it shouldn’t be difficult to impose themselves in the match which will be played at the Gruia Arena at the end of the week.

“I also said to my colleagues: ‘Have you seen the big teams?’ The exception was Bayern. Slightly more valuable teams, like Manchester City with Simeone, qualified. Why did I draw the parallel? We are more valuable than them, you win! Win the game!

You will see how far we will run, how long they will run. I always said they were stronger, but the CFR was no longer. Now I press for 10 minutes or a quarter of an hour, then I withdraw. Normally we don’t have to have emotions, we have to relieve ourselves because we are much more valuable. We have to pass, pass, pass and win the game. I don’t see how they could beat us, they have no way.” said Gigi Becali for Pro Arena.

Gigi Becali: “There are still three days left and goodbye”

Gigi Becali did her calculations like a real mathematician and she thinks that the play-off between the CFR and the FCSB it is the one after which it will be decided if the “red-blues” will still have a chance in the championship. In case of failure, the businessman says that the chances will be almost non-existent.

There are 6 stages left, if we lose, it’s over, if we draw, we hope so. 3 days left and goodbye. If we win, their morale will drop. It is no longer a team that beats everything. The Volunteer can also confuse them. In matches with Argeș there is friendship, I have no problem. It’s that good friend“said the businessman, according to the quoted source.

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